Amazon Audits

Your Amazon Health – Under the Microscope

Competitive analysis to increase sales

With deep-dive auditing and competitive analysis through Zanoma, our e-commerce experts perform a complete audit of your Amazon account. From your product detail pages and overall brand, including competitor analysis and audience research, we identify issues which could be contributing to low search rank, lack of sales and other common issues. Then, we develop a tailor-made strategic optimization plan for your brand to increase sales.

Search & Solve

Zanoma’s unique auditing process includes a comprehensive analysis of your account from the ground up to establish and implement a new strategy tailor-made for your unique needs.

Strategic Guidelines

Through deep-dive audits, our team are able to put together extensive implementation guidelines and maintenance consultancy to establish a strategic optimization plan for your entire Amazon profile.

Allow us to identify all the hidden opportunities to increase your sales on Amazon

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No stone unturned

Our experts check all variables that affect sales

  • Past performance
  • Sales trending
  • Marketing efforts
  • Competition
  • Catalog details
  • Customer issues
  • Pricing
  • Product details
  • Purchase order challenges
  • And more!

Find out your Brand issues, fix them, and increase sales. Schedule an Amazon Audit today!

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