A+ and Enhanced Content

Tell your Brand Story

High-quality content that enchants potential buyers

A+ Detail Pages allow Vendors to provide premium, high-quality content within their Amazon product detail pages while Enhanced Brand Content (EBC) provides Sellers with a platform to showcase additional images, photos and storytelling in order to further engage potential buyers.

Where your standard detail page allows title, bullets and a description of your unique product, A+ and EBC allows you to tell your unique brand story, including

  • Large, detailed product imagery including lifestyle photos
  • Product use cases
  • Unique product specifications
  • Storytelling through page-flow
  • Elevated user experience

Providing this valuable information can help you increase customer conversion, retain customer interest, educate shoppers about model variations and features and promote brand awareness.

A+ and EBC Content with Zanoma Includes

Creative Briefing

Getting to know your unique brand voice, style guides and target audience allows us to better understand your business needs and tell your story in a way which engages potential buyers.


Asset Audit

Our team will perform an audit of current web assets needed to create your A+ pages including images, video and existing copy.


Our Creative Services Specialists will implement a custom layout designed around your unique style guidelines, brand voice and provided assets.


Submission Tracking and Follow Up

We work with Amazon on your behalf from submission to approval, including troubleshooting and monitoring of any rejected content or unforeseen issues

Increase conversions with an elevated user experience

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