AMS Management & Reporting

Eye-Catching Campaigns

Increase Brand awareness, conversions, and sales

Amazon Marketing Services (AMS) is a unique platform requiring specific strategies. Daunting under the best circumstances, marketing managers can easily become overwhelmed or overburdened with the efforts required to successfully optimize, monitor and manage their ongoing campaigns.

What Do We Do?

With Zanoma’s extensive knowledge of AMS management we develop a success plan designed to help you optimize your marketing initiatives including everything from keywords, budget and strategy.

This includes

  • Unique keyword harvesting tools/strategies
  • AMS API access with automated reporting
  • AMS machine learning platform
  • Day-parting
  • Share of voice reporting
  • Automatic bid adjustment
    (based on user determined KPIs/thresholds)

Why Zanoma?

With 70% of online-shoppers never making it beyond the first page in Amazon search results, it has never been more important to be #1 than it is now.

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