Health and Personal Care

Case 03: Health and Personal Care

Zanoma Involvement: Account Rescue and Full Service “A-to-Z” Management

Goal: Rescue the brand’s Amazon business which was in a steep decline when we first met (and as seen in the graph below). Implicit in that rescue effort were additional goals of regaining historic sales levels and further developing both brand awareness and the Amazon brand presence.


Prior to our introduction and their declining sales, this brand had maintained a history of impressive Amazon sales and revenue growth. They essentially became victims of their own supply chain challenges which resulted “ASIN sourcing issues” and no inventory control on Amazon for their top-selling product. When the brand hit bottom during April, we were brought on board to assess and troubleshoot underlying issues while developing a strategy for resolution.

As seen in the graphic below, we were ultimately successful in the stated goal of “rescuing” the account. In fact, performance fundamentals and sales improved within the first few weeks. Not only did Team Zanoma return sales to their previous levels, but we also optimized and leveraged new product detail page content, delivered a comprehensive marketing strategy and provided 24/7 operational oversight and account management support to re-build the brand on Amazon. When the dust settled, we had increased sales by 100% compared to their previous best months!

Your days spent tirelessly sorting through data are over — think bigger. Think Zanoma.

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