Home & Kitchen

Case 02: Home & Kitchen

Zanoma Involvement: Short-term Amazon Marketing Services (AMS) Management

Goal: Effectively manage allocated budget to generate and strengthen brand awareness for broad category keywords and to secure and defend branded search terms.


This is prominent and well-known brand in the home goods category has enjoyed significant Amazon sales momentum but needed assistance with their Amazon-related marketing. Prior to Zanoma, another agency had managed AMS with poor/underwhelming results. After the client team ended their previous agency relationship, enter Zanoma for what was intended initially, to be a limited-time engagement while the brand team set off to hire and nurture an in-house Amazon-centric marketing team.

Thanks to the wealth of significant AMS data from both current and previous campaigns, Zanoma’s first task was to deliver a deep-dive audit to highlight key areas for improvement as well as to inform keyword and audience-targeting strategy. As is often the case post-audit, our team was able to identify countless areas for immediate focus and improvement. During this time, we essentially reorganized the brand’s entire AMS account and work to ensure consensus on strategy development.

Our quick results and open communication began to pay quick and immediate dividends and to make a long story short, the client team has opted to retain Zanoma for ongoing training and consulting with their new team member.

Your days spent tirelessly sorting through data are over — think bigger. Think Zanoma.

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