Lawn and Garden

Case 01: Lawn and Garden

Zanoma Involvement: A-Z Management

Goal: Engage Zanoma’s full-service capabilities to manage and grow all aspects of the Amazon business.


Until 2014, the bulk of revenue for this large manufacturer in the lawn and garden product category, was driven by brick and mortar retail. After sensing an opportunity with Amazon and even enjoying an all-too brief period of sales momentum, their team reached out to Zanoma when they began to see friction and slowing sales as a result of various Amazon chargeback issues. After Zanoma analyzed these operational headaches and company fundamentals, it was obvious that if they listened, Team Zanoma could help.

Since that time, we have battled (and resolved) millions of dollars in chargebacks, shortage claims and proof-of-delivery claims. We’ve helped this brand manage their catalog as well as challenges triggered by unauthorized 3P sellers. Our efforts have positioned the brand for a lucrative direct import relationship and we’ve consistently leveraged Amazon’s marketing tools to maximize both growth and market share. Zanoma also played a significant role in product development and innovation to create a unique-to-Amazon product line with virtually unlimited potential.

The Zanoma partnership has been critical to this brands success on Amazon. Over the last four years, we’ve collectively grown Amazon revenue by a staggering 12,000%!

Your days spent tirelessly sorting through data are over — think bigger. Think Zanoma.

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