Product Detail Page Copy

Engaging Copy that converts

Find your Brand Voice, and enchant potential customers

Creating keyword-rich, relevant copy begins with product research. Getting to know your brand allows us to tell your unique story while extensive research of your product catalog, as well as comparable and competitive analysis, guarantees we’re targeting the benefits and features we feel will elevate your products above your competitors.

Product Detail Page Copy and Optimization includes

Creative Briefing

Getting to know your unique brand voice allows us to understand your products better and tell your story in a way which engages potential buyers.

Keyword Research

We audit your catalog and match each product with high-volume, relevant keywords which we leverage throughout your detail page copy to enhance organic search results.

Competitive Analysis

We get to know not only your products, but those of your competitors as well, to ensure we’re targeting the unique features that keep you a cut above the rest.

Custom Copy

We take a top-down approach to creating unique content designed with your brand in mind for titles, bullets and description.

A tailored approach to communicate successfully with your audience.

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