Vendor Central Account

  • Our HQ is in Seattle, close to Amazon’s Boren Campus. We have enough credibility and contact with high-tier employees to arrange a meeting with a manager to discuss opportunities for your brand.

  • Amazon halts sales whenever the detail page, description or title don’t follow guidelines. We work to prevent this happens and if your products are suspended, we’ll assist your team to bring sales back online.

  • Zanoma has experience and has secured invites for many clients. We analyze your pricing, product, and entire account data and start the process for an invite once everything is according to Amazon standards. Whatever questions you have will be answered to make the invite as smooth and precise as possible.

  • Amazon penalizes accounts that have broken processes. This can be due to inefficiency of sales, insufficient data supplied to Amazon or more extreme cases of failure. These penalties are called chargebacks and Zanoma pinpoints the causes and solves them so you can save income.